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Co-founder, Designer, Printmaker, Organiser, DJ.


Frogbeats Collective is a growing team of musicians, artists and designers based in Glasgow. We collaborate on versatile projects in the spirit of creative freedom and community to deliver fresh projects within the world of music, arts and events. Our ability to evolve means that we create a unique experience with every project we are involved in.


90's Hip-Hop & Jungle

A showcase inspired by the 'golden era' of music, the 1990s, when hip-hop and jungle began to spread through the UK. The Frogbeats and Handpicked collectives takeover both floors of The Art School in spectacular fashion, with tight performances from their DJs, turntablists and MC's, combined with live artwork and visuals.

Since starting up in April 2015, the night has been a great success attracting between 700 and 1,000 club-goers each time. With a line-up often sourced locally, you can expect the finest selection of hip-hop and jungle - the classics and the cutting-edge.


‘In Two Minds’ is a collaborative series of club nights exploring the eclecticism of the electronic music scene here in Scotland and beyond. Powered by local sound systems, expect the freshest of selections from the minds and crates of residents FrogbeatsFivetwoseven - 527 and Samson Sounds. They will be joined by a new collective every fortnight bringing their own flavour to mix. With an ‘anything goes’ policy you can expect to hear a melting pot of everything from dub, jungle and breaks to hip-hop, garage, funk and soul. 


  • James Harrison - Co-founder, Designer, Organiser, DJ.
  • Russell McMahon - Co-Founder, Event Manager, DJ.
  • Alex Holman - Producer, Artist, Designer, DJ, Organiser.
  • James Denney - Producer, Artist, DJ, Organiser.
  • Jamie 'JMD' Mcdonald - Veteran DJ, Organiser.
  • Colin Maclean - Producer, Designer, DJ, Visual Artist.



Unleash the Beast (UTB) was the first project we put together, inspired by the fact that there wasn't anyone else hosting this style of music event in Glasgow when we started. 

After my brother kindly gave me a quality selection of Drum & Bass vinyls back in 2011, I took it upon myself to buy a cheap pair of turntables and learn how to mix - 4 months later we had a residency in Sub Club that would last over two and a half years. We would put on events every few months on a Thursday night, keeping the novel atmosphere of the night alive.

Our reputation for bringing in local DJ's producers and MC's, as opposed to bringing in established bookings, promoted a grassroots ethos and established a strong local community that we love being a part of. Each night we would explore a different side of the genre, from smooth, soulful liquid Drum & Bass to old school Jungle. D'n'B aficionados, dedicated junglists and and new-found lovers of the genre came from all over Scotland to dance in the face of the infamous Sub Club sound system amongst an array of jungle-themed decor.

Now our UTB showcase is mobile and is available for bookings. For more information please email:


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