Analog Synth Workshop


This Analog Synthesiser Workshop was a two-day Ferrel Studio project. We had to design and create a conceptual synthesiser that would be presented at an exhibition at the Lighthouse, Glasgow. The workshop was lead by Berlin artist and designer Niklas Roy, who supplied the equipment and refreshed our memory on secondary school circuits. He pre-programmed eight notes of a scale onto the chips for us to work with, meaning the project wasn’t about creating sound, it was about developing an interesting concept of interacting with sound.

We learnt how to wire up and solder the circuit using some of the elements shown below.



Musical Chairs type.jpg


Once the circuit was working, we then had to design a mechanism for playing the synth with anything around us in the MakLab studio and workshop. After the design process I decided to make a synth using chairs, where people have to stand up and sit down to play the notes, which creates an interesting contrast to the usual function of a chair. I decided to use four chairs, where each one has two switches attached to the legs. I used the wood workshop to make the switches out of pegs and layers of wood. I then built a small box for all the components to fit in for the presentation. This workshop was a really interesting way of learning how to be creative in making circuits, which can be used in lots of applications in interactive design. I was satisfied with the outcome of the project given the time frame, and feel this is a strong design idea that has many possible directions it could be taken. One of which has been developed in my Interactive Chairs project.